Funerals Memorials Remembrance White Dove release

                            'Oh that I had wings like a dove !
                       for then would I fly away and be at rest'
                                           Psalm 55:6


A white dove release is an elegant and memorable touch
to a loved one's funeral. For those just beginning the
grieving process, a white dove release can help by providing
a symbolic, comforting sense of closure and bring hope
for healing and new beginnings.

Spirit Dove Release
A single pure white dove at the funeral service represents
the soul of the loved one who has passed on. As the spirit
dove is released into the sky, it peacefully and elegantly
ascends to the heavens, circling above then journeys home.
This release symbolizes farewell to the spirit as it journeys
home to its final resting place.
Spirit Dove release service 85

Eternal Release
The release of a pair of pure white doves is symbolic of the
joining of two souls, perhaps your loved one is joining another
who previously departed. A two dove release symbolizes them
being together once again for all eternity.
Eternal release service 110

Trinity Release
Three pure white doves, representing the Father, the Son
and the Holy Spirit, are released. As they circle above, they
await their loved one to join them. The spirit dove is released
by a family member, symbolizing the departed spirit making
its final journey home.

Angels Release
The spirit dove is released by a family member and as it
ascends to the heavens, circling above, three pure white
doves follow symbolizing the Angels of Hope, Peace
and Love. They accompany the spirit dove on its final
journey home.
Trinity/Angels release service 140

Flock of Doves
A Flock of 10 Pure White Doves are released from a large
decorative basket representing 10 Angels soaring into the sky,
gracefully circling above to find their directions before making
their journey home.
Flock of Doves release service 170.00

A piece of music or an appropriate personalized poem
or reading may be read prior to the release. If you wish
we can provide a selection for you to choose from.