Weddings White Dove Releases

White doves for release at weddings have always been
symbols of Love, Fidelity, Peace and Prosperity.

A White Dove Release will make your Wedding Ceremony
a truly memorable affair! Experience our beautiful pure
white doves as they spread their wings and ascend to the sky,
their pure white feathers glistening above! These beautiful
white ceremonial doves soar higher and higher, circle,
then head home, representing the bride and groom beginning their new lives together.


Your white dove release is a
memory you will treasure forever.
Your guests will be thrilled and
you will enjoy such beautiful memories for many years to come!

Whether your wedding ceremony takes place in an outdoor garden, a small country hotel or in a beautiful church we at Divine Doves can make it "special" with a stunning white dove release.


Bridal release
We will attend your venue with two pure white doves in
colour co-ordinated single or double release baskets of your
choice and at the end of the ceremony, in co ordination with
your photographer, we will invite you to release the doves either from the basket or from the hand.
Bridal release service 150

Display release
Attending as above with two pure white doves in seperate
colour co-ordinated ornate cages that can be displayed either at the entrance to the church or other place of marriage or within the premises to decorate. Once the ceremony is complete the two doves can be released as described above.
Display release service 200

Flock release
The release of two pure white doves, as outlined above, followed by the release of a flock of ten doves to represent the coming together
of the two families. The two doves are released by the bride and groom and as they ascend and circle above, the flock joins them and they travel home together.
Flock release service 250

A piece of music or an appropriate personalized poem or reading may be read prior to the release. If you wish we can provide a selection for you to choose from.

Please feel free to discuss any variation or innovative ideas that you may have.